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ICC Judges publish Chambers Practice Manual

Admin / 02 February 2016

The ICC Judges on Monday issued the "Chambers Practice Manual", which is the first update of the "Pre-Trial Practice Manual" released in September 2015. The Manual is available in both English and French.


The scope of the updated Manual has expanded, in particular to include best practices identified with respect to systems common to various stages of the proceedings. As a result, the "Pre-Trial Practice Manual" is now being more appropriately called the "Chambers Practice Manual".


More specifically, the update contains a new Part B: "Issues related to various stages of proceedings", which deals with: (i) procedure for admission of victims to participate in the proceedings; (ii) exceptions to disclosure in the form of redaction of information; and (iii) handling of confidential information during investigations and contact between a part or a participant and witnesses of the opposing part or of a participant.


This Manual is a living document. It will be updated, integrated, amended as warranted by any relevant development. The final goal of the Manual is to contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the proceedings before the Court.

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